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Calling Koetje Tree Service for tree removal in Portland can save you thousands of dollars in property damage down the road. With the wind and rain we see in the Portland Metro area, even strong, healthy trees can sometimes pose a threat. The experienced tree removal professionals at Koetje Tree Service are able to help you assess that threat and make suggestions as to whether it is best to remove a tree or not.

When tree removal is necessary, it is important that it is done right. Other tree services may not have the experience or expertise to remove a tree safely. At Keotje Tree Service we offer full-service tree care and tree removal. We have the right equipment, expertise, and experience to ensure your tree removal is done right—guaranteed!


Some reasons for tree removal include

  • Disease
  • Storm Damage
  • Too Large
  • Invasive Species
  • Threat to Property or Structures
  • Shedding Debris
  • Land Clearing for Construction

Trusted Tree Clearing

We haul away all debris and leave your land smooth and clean when we are through. We also remove stumps and all evidence of the tree.

Our years-worth of happy customers will speak for the excellent work we do. In fact, much of our locally-owned business is due to word-of-mouth referrals from our happy customers.

The risk of waiting to see how a tree does is always too great. The risk of calling an inexperienced tree removal service is also too great. Call Koetje Tree Service today for your tree removal estimate. Knowing you have experienced tree professionals on your side will leave you with peace of mind—not to mention safeguard your home and property.

Also offering

  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • General Tree Service
  • Tree Removal

Contact Keotje Tree Service for your safe tree removal in Portland and the surrounding areas.