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Keeping a tree pruned is important to the health and longevity of the tree. Dead, diseased, and dying branches and limbs weight a tree down and can eventually kill it. Regular tree pruning in Portland and the Northwest is even more important due to the rainy, windy conditions we see here.

If a tree has a heavy limb that is dead or dying, it can brake off or pull the whole tree down, damaging things along the way. This creates a liability if the tree falls in a road or sidewalk or pulls down power lines. It also creates a threat to property and structures in a home or business. Koetje Tree Service offers a preventative to these problems with regular tree pruning.

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Tree pruning keeps a tree healthy by taking off areas of the tree which are in diseased or unhealthy. It also helps a tree grow in the shape and direction that best fits in with your landscaping. However, tree pruning needs to be done right in order to maintain the tree’s health.

Too much pruning can be detrimental to a tree. The tree care professions at Koetje Tree Service understand proper tree pruning. We take into consideration the type, size, and age of a tree and are able to apply the appropriate pruning.

Safety is another reason why coming to an experienced professional tree pruning service makes a difference. Having the right experience and equipment to handle large trees ensures that no damage will be done to your property in the process.

At Koetje Tree Service we have the expert knowledge of trees as well as the experience and equipment to offer safe tree pruning. From assessment, to planning, clean up our tree pruning professionals handle each tree with expert care.

Contact us today at Koetje Tree Service for your complete tree pruning in Portland and the surrounding areas.

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