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“Providing professional tree pruning, tree thinning and tree removal services for the Portland Metro area.”

General Tree Service

At Koetje Tree Service, we specialize in all manner of different tree services, from regular trimming and pruning to complete

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Tree Trimming

Trees, like other plants, need to be trimmed in order to look their best and compliment the scenery surrounding them.

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Tree Removal

For expert tree removal service in the Portland Metro area, look no further than Koetje Tree Service.

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Tree Service

With the long growing season in the Portland Metro area trees can easily get out of control. They can pose a threat to property and structures as well as create a liability along power lines, sidewalks, and streets. Having regular tree service in Portland keeps this threat in check. At Keotje Tree Service we keep your trees healthy and flourishing. Our expert tree specialists are able to assess when a tree poses a threat and help you decide if bringing it back to health or removing it is the best course of action.

Tree removal is a necessary part of tree service in Portland. When we remove a tree you can count on it being done safely and with no damage to landscaping or structures. From planning to cleaning up, we are equipped to do the job well.

Tree trimming and tree pruning are also a necessary part of tree service in Portland. Shaping trees so that they grow away from structures is one important reason for this tree service. Another is the health and longevity if the tree. At Keotje Tree Service, we can keep your trees from growing unchecked. Our Portland tree service includes assessing trees for disease as well as increasing their aesthetic value.

Improper tree care can do more harm to a tree than good. That is why it is important to have professionals like those at Keotje Tree Service handle pruning, trimming, and removal.

Improve the life and look of your trees while keeping your property safe.

Contac Keitje Tree Service for all your tree service needs in Portland and surrounding areas.

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